About Me

Who am I?

Back in 2013 (when I was just 8!), I discovered Roblox, which piqued my interest in game development and programming. I started off slowly with Lua, which is used to develop games inside the Roblox game engine, and ended up diving deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of game development.

Motivated by a curiosity for diverse technologies, as I grew older I learned about more advanced topics like reverse engineering, security, parsers, and web development, during which I also grew interested in UI and UX design. This interest has ultimately brought me to where I am now.

This evolving interest has been a driving force behind my nearly 8 years of hands-on experience in Roblox development. I've left a notable footprint in the Roblox open-source community, primarily with libraries and tools aimed at standalone usage of Luau.

While my roots are in Roblox, I've broadened my horizons, gaining experience in both frontend and backend development, which is how this site came to be! I'm currently pursuing a bachelor in Software Engineering at NHL Stenden, from which I'm expected to graduate in 2027.


  1. Programmer at Bulk Games

    Responsible for several additions to the studio's projects, including user-facing interactive components, UI and UX, optimizing the backend architecture of these projects and responsive NPC controllers. Provided several additions to the studio's tooling, such as integrating a package manager and several tools into the studio's workflow and optimizing the studio's workflow.

  2. Lead Programmer at Pillar's Edge

    Responsible for leading the studio in the development of several large scale projects, setting up a developer-friendly workflow through Git, Rojo and other tooling, writing extremely optimized code responsible for managing thousands of entities at once and designing and programming responsive and interactive UI and UX through Fusion.

  3. Programmer and Project Lead at Octa Studios

    Responsible for managing a large team of cross-functional developers across several large projects, writing high-quality robust code responsible for anti-cheat functionality, backend additions, game optimizations, re-designing the entire game's interface and re-evaluating the game's UX.

  4. Intern at CoderDojo

    Helped attendees aged 7-17 grasp fundamental coding principles through Scratch and Python during programming workshops, teaching them problem solving skills and guiding them through the process of creating their own projects and exploring the concepts behind them.


Project Image


MDWave is a front-end for Moonwave, a documentation parser for Luau, built with VitePress, Vue, Tailwind and JavaScript.

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CodeSpan allows you to create beautiful diagnostics for your Lune applications, based on codespan-reporting.

Fusion Autocomplete

Fusion Autocomplete is a Visual Studio Code extension that adds autocomplete support for Fusion, autocompleting class names, properties, functions and function parameters. Made as a proof of concept but ended up fleshing it out more.

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My second attempt at a portfolio, this time in Nuxt and Tailwind.